Our Roots

The of the ownersWe are more than just another construction company or business. We are a family of craftsmen who offer you our services to bring to reality the dreams you have for making your house into a home.

Our company, Aspire Construction LLC, was founded in July of 2009. While it is a relatively new company, the tradesmen representing it offer you over 40 years of building experience.

I grew up working with my hands. My mentor, and father, grew up the same way, and his father before him. I remember the care with which he helped me build my first two birdhouses when I was 5 years old. They looked like little houses, complete with peaked roofs that had overhangs. When it came time to paint them, I expected that my dad would do that messy part of the project. However, he handed me the brush and explained how to get paint into the corners and not make runs. It was only the beginning of years of working together, and my mentoring.

Over the years I helped my dad in the various phases of constructing houses from the ground up; everything from framing to the finishing touches on the interior trim work. Our projects outside of work are the really memorable ones though. That is when we created furnishings for our home and for gifts, or built things like a club-house for my friends and I.

During my high school years, I worked in a factory producing wooden furniture where I honed my skills with the various machines. I became acquainted with every step of the process from machining the raw boards, to putting the final pieces together and packing them for shipment.

In the years since my high school days, I have forayed into other trades, but always stayed involved with projects related to building and home improvement. This usually involved helping my dad on some project or another since he continued working in the building trades.

With the formation of Aspire Construction, we are finally on the job together again.

Our Commitment To You:

Today we approach the jobs we do with the same care that we put into those first birdhouses and the many projects we have worked on over the years since then. Your project, no matter if is it small or large, will be treated as another opportunity to do our best work.

We understand what quality means. It is a tradition passed down to us from some of Europe’s finest craftsmen. It applies to more than providing the highest standard in our work. It is an attitude that means we aspire to bring you the best experience we can. It shapes how we approach a project as a whole from when you first contact us, until the finishing touches.

Our commitment to you is to treat you with respect the way we would want to be treated. We will be open and honest with you about your project and our assessments. Careful communication at every step ensures that when the project is finished we have achieved the results you requested and expected.

All our work is performed in such a way that we are proud to stand behind it. And you will be proud to show it off to family and friends.  We personally handle every project to make sure it is done right.  We do not simply hand it off to a third party and hope for the best.

My hope is that each and every time we finish a project, we have acquired a new friend, or at the very least your respect for work well done.  That if we happen to see each other at the grocery store, or walking in the park, you can tell us you’re happy with the improvements on your home.

High praise indeed is when you feel confident enough in our work to put your name behind us and recommend us to your family and friends.

We look forward to hearing from you, and welcome the opportunity to serve you.