Window Installations

Below are a few examples of our past window installations. One thing to keep in mind as you are considering replacement options is that a pocket replacement usually means only the window itself is replaced. The existing window frame is kept and often the interior trim as well, which is carefully removed and reused.

There are two types of replacement windows; pocket replacement and full-frame replacement. Pocket replacements are going to be less expensive than a full-frame replacement, and about 60% of the jobs we do are pocket replacements. Often times there is no need for a full-frame replacement, and we’ll give you a rundown on both so you can make an informed decision on which type you want to go with.

Each of the galleries is also attached to a post explaining the various aspects of the project. This will give you an idea of our practices, and can also give you an edge when discussing your window installation project with a contractor.

Default ImageCarroll Window Installation 2

O’Connor Window Installation

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Marreel Window Installationmarreel-office-outside-windowmarreel-master-bedroom-outside-windowmarreel-master-bedroom-inside-windowmarreel-basement-front-windowmarreel-basement-front-outside-windowmarreel-basement-back-outside-windowmarreel-office-inside-window

Marreel Window Installation

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Default ImageHarlow Window Installation 2Harlow Window Installation 3Harlow Window Installation 4Harlow Window Installation 5Harlow Window Installation 6Harlow Window Installation 7Harlow Window Installation 8
Bauer Window Installationbauer-window-installation-2bauer-window-installation-3bauer-window-installation-4bauer-window-installation-5bauer-window-installation-6bauer-window-installation-7

Bauer Window Installation

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